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New Teachers welcome!  Your skilled services in studio arts, movement, mindfulness and healing are valued!  The Acorn is a comfortable space for community.  New  winter & spring classes coming soon.  Please call Polly to discuss collaborations , schedule a class time slot, plan a workshop, special event, or schedule an art opening.. (540) 598-1118

Inspired teachers serve adults and youth.  Share the love, health and community through the arts and healing practices. 

Polly Branch

Sculpture and Paint private & group classes, teen,  adult schedule classes for your group:  598-1118

Bonny Branch

West Coast Swing classes:
 Wednesdays; advanced 6:30
 and beginners 7:30 pm

asey Jone

Community Drum Circles  
Gallery walks
Community discussions
Group workshops

Sherrie Bocock - 

Movement - QOYA Roanoke -

Painting & Poetry

Self Portraits - drawing, sculpture, collage

Points of Diversity Discussion circles

Women's circles - continuing education

Children's' Craft Days

Much more!

Meet your teachers at the Acorn. Instructors offer day  & evening workshops and ongoing weekly series.   We host classes in many forms to serve your creative needs.  New teachers and facilitators regularly visit and expand offerings . See calendar.  An updated format for class listing we be available soon.  Thanks for visiting!



Tuesday-Saturday 2:00pm-6:00pm

Evening and morning classes with instructors

Acorn Art Gallery



3215 Brambleton Avenue SW

Roanoke, VA 24018

Tel: 540-598-1118


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